04.18.16THE GOOD MEN PROJECT looks at "Pills"

Popular website The Good Men Project examines our music video, and speaks of the value of medications in many lives.

03.31.16Fox5/Hot 97's Lisa Evers says "Pills" is a powerful message

Lisa Evers tweeted PILLS out to her followers this week, with some kind words to boot.

02.25.16BEYOND MEDS features "Pills"

The psychiatric alternatives, mental health and human rights website features our music video.

02.18.16New Music Video: "PILLS"

Adam debuts a new music video for John Presnell, the disturbing and catchy PILLS. Click the link to get a dose.

11.17.15New featurette: THE ART OF BECK UNDERWOOD

Blumhouse once again graciously debuts our latest 30th Anniversary Glass Eye Pix documentary, profiling costume designer/art director/animator Beck Underwood, who has collaborated with Glass Eye Pix since 1989.

11.04.15Third Glass Eye Pix 30th Anniversary featurette: TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE SEASON 3

Blumhouse.com dives in and features our next installment behind the scenes of Glass Eye Pix: Writer/director Glenn McQuaid(I SELL THE DEAD)'s co-creation, the creepy audio drama series TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE. Click the link for a sneak peek of the new season.

10.16.15BLUMHOUSE picks up Adam's 2nd doc for GLASS EYE PIX

THE SHAPE OF THE WENDIGO, looking in-depth at how the legend has influenced multiple works of Larry Fessenden, debuts at Blumhouse(Paranormal Activity, Sinister)'s new site.

10.10.15Icons of Fright looks at Adam's new series for Glass Eye Pix

The mainstay horror site takes a good look at GOTHIC CORNERS and the collaboration between Adam and Glass Eye Pix, celebrating its 30th year of making movies.

10.08.15GOTHIC CORNERS debuts on Glasseyepix.com

Adam's debut featurette for Larry Fessenden's company and its 30th anniversary looks back at the New York City of the mid-90's which gave life to HABIT.

09.07.15Adam teaming with GLASS EYE PIX on new online content

Adam is currently working with Larry Fessenden(Habit, Wendigo, The Last Winter) and his production company, on in-depth featurettes for Glass Eye Pix's 30th Anniversary this Fall! Look for a featurette each week on their website, beginning in early October through mid-November.

08.29.15New Music Video Shoot: "PILLS"

Adam reunites with John Presnell to direct his first traditional music video w/John since "Say You'll Stay." Look for "PILLS" later this year!

07.10.15Icons of Fright reviews DARK SUMMER's Blu-Ray

"The making of supplemental material is shot and edited very well, making them feel very different than just your typical EPK’s. The team of Pinheiro and Barnick have a very good eye for giving viewers something different and that eye for detail and making their making-of material look as though you aren’t watching making of docs but something more, is reason enough to pick this release up."

07.09.15Hi-Def Digest reviews DARK SUMMER's Blu-Ray

"(The Art of Dark Summer) is an interesting little featurette that offers a lot of insight into the artistic influences of the film."

07.08.15MOVIEFREAK.COM looks at DARK SUMMER's Blu-Ray

and calls the Extras "superb, really really terrific!"

07.07.15DARK SUMMER released on Blu/DVD

Paul Solet's sophomore feature is released on disc, with many fine extras from Adam and Sergio Pinheiro.

05.28.15DARK SUMMER Blu-Ray extras officially announced

DARK SUMMER will be released July 7 on Blu-Ray and DVD, with director commentary and the following featurettes created by Adam and Sergio:

-Atmosphere and Style"
-"Director Paul Solet"
-"The Art of Dark Summer"
-"The Music of Dark Summer"
-"A Conversation with Peter Stormare"
-"The Kids – Cast interviews"

03.31.15DARK SUMMER Blu-Ray/DVD content in the works!

Adam and filmmaker Sergio Pinheiro are collaborating on a host of unique extras for the upcoming disc release of Paul Solet's feature, for the prestigious Shout! Factory Blu-Ray line.

01.08.15New featurette for DARK SUMMER via FANDANGO

Fandango debuts Adam's featurette focusing on DARK SUMMER's director, Paul Solet.

01.06.15New featurette for DARK SUMMER via INDIEWIRE

The prestigious film site debuts Adam's initial featurette on the visual style of Paul Solet's DARK SUMMER.

11.13.14DARK SUMMER featurettes

While we await word of additional DVD/Blu-Ray content, Adam is putting together some micro-featurettes for IFC to debut with DARK SUMMER's theatrical release in January.

09.09.14Newest Live performance music video: "Hold On"

John Presnell serenades the night streets of Brooklyn in one sweeping take.

09.05.14New live performance music video: "Love Ain't Enough"

John Presnell debuts his newest live performance video.

09.04.14New live performance music video: "Please Rain"

Adam directs a stylish live performance video for John Presnell, at the link.

07.17.14New Music Video: Kathy Zimmer's "Right Around the Corner"

Adam's new video for Singer/Songwriter Kathy Zimmer debuts.

07.16.14VideoStatic covers "Right Around the Corner

The music video website features Kathy Zimmer's new music video.

06.23.14Interview with Mark Pellington, part 2

Second half of Adam's interview with the director of "Lone."

06.20.14Interview with Mark Pellington, part 1

Adam interviews the legendary music video and film director about the process behind his experimental film/music video hybrid, "Lone."

04.21.14Upcoming music video: RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER

Adam will direct the new video from 'cosmopolitan folk' songstress Kathy Zimmer, "Right Around the Corner" from her new album STATIC INHABITED. Production begins in May.

10.24.13"Say You'll Stay" a top 10 finalist through BIG VISION-EMPTY WALLET/DAILYMOTION

Our music vid for John Presnell is a finalist in BV-EW 3rd Annual Music Video Competition. Online voting lasts until November 6!


Adam (along with filmmaker Sergio Pinheiro) will produce/direct several featurettes for Paul Solet(GRACE)'s second feature film DARK SUMMER, coming in 2014.

09.11.13Third live performance music video: John Presnell- NO DISTANCES

The 3rd and last live video for John Presnell is also the soundtrack for a current photographic exhibition in Italy, NYC AFTER 9/11 by Vittoria Iembo.

09.05.13Second of three live music videos for John Presnell- THE BAD GUY

The second of three new performance music videos Adam directed for John Presnell debuts today!

09.03.13New Music Video: John Presnell- ROUND AND ROUND

The first of three new performance music videos Adam directed for John Presnell debuts today.

08.18.13"Say You'll Stay" on display in UK

We have made a deal through SoundNet where they will feature our John Presnell music video in clubs, pubs and on digital jukeboxes in the UK throughout the Summer!

06.27.13"Say You'll Stay" highlighted on Promo News

The comprehensive music video website profiles John Presnell's debut video.

05.26.13"Say You'll Stay" featured on Video Static

Adam's debut video for John Presnell is featured on the popular music video site's main "WATCH IT" column.

05.25.13"Say You'll Stay" made an IMVDB Pick

Say You'll Stay chosen as a Top Pick on the Internet Music Video Database this week!

05.10.13Adam Barnick interview at DAY OF THE WOMAN

Interview with Adam regarding music videos, working with upcoming masters of horror and his pitch for a THEY LIVE sequel.

04.28.13"How, Who" makes Daily Dead's Indie Spotlight

The site for all things horror checked out our newest Rivulets video.

04.22.13VALOR 23 Podcast with Adam Barnick

John Ginder's weekly genre podcast phoned up Mr. Barnick a second time to speak of his recent music video work.

04.21.13BLOODY DISGUSTING makes "How, Who" its Twisted Video of the Week

The genre site checks in: "A somber, haunting video this is shot in black and white and plays out almost like a poem. Barnick uses fantastic edits, fascinating shots and angles, and moody lighting to create a riveting video."

04.20.13Truly Disturbing looks at "How, Who"

The indie horror resource takes a look at our newest Rivulets video and gives a thumbs up.

04.20.13DREAD CENTRAL highlights the "How, Who" video and Rivulets

"Wears its classic horror influences on its sleeve. Check it out for some spooky acoustic magic." Dread Central focuses its gaze on the Rivulets music video.

04.14.13HOW, WHO named FearNet's Horror Music Video of the Week

"Barnick's chilling black & white visuals recall horror cinema's vintage era."

04.13.13Icons of Fright covers both Rivulets music videos

The popular horror site, which featured an article on the campaign to make these videos happen, now features the finished projects.

04.12.13ARROW IN THE HEAD/JO BLO looks at "How, Who"

"How, Who" gets a terrific write up on the popular genre website: "There's a genuine eeriness to the work that is sure to stay with you."

04.11.13HOW, WHO music video released!

Click the link to see our newest music video for Rivulets!

04.02.13The Film Fix features Rivulets' first video

Atlanta's popular film and video review TV show airs throughout the month and is streamed online, closing with our music video for "I Don't Want to be Found,"

03.12.13Perfect Duluth Day looks at "I Don't Want to be Found"

News site featuring Nathan in the past covers his first music video.

03.06.13I DON'T WANT TO BE FOUND music video released!

The first of two new music videos for Rivulets is out! Click the link to watch.

12.11.12"Say You'll Stay" wins Dramatic Showreel Award

The music video for John Presnell's "Say You'll Stay" wins The Director's Lomokino Showreel: Drama award, sponsored by the creators of the camera the video was shot on. "A music video made of love and all its characters; happiness, heartbreak, commitment and acceptance...an analogue film that was made of a lot of efforts and a lot of heart."

11.20.12Rivulets music videos update

The bulk of the two RIVULETS music videos that Adam is directing are complete! One day of shooting in December remains.

08.03.12Interview with Lomography on the making of SAY YOU'LL STAY

The analogue film and photography giant speaks with Adam about his shot-on-35mm Lomokino music video for John Presnell.

06.21.12RIVULETS- fundraising campaign begins!

Our campaign to finish raising the last of the budgets for TWO music videos for Nathan Amundson/Rivulets has begun! Please take a look at our pitch video, proposal, and updates..

06.20.12Adam is a guest on THE RON EXPERIENCE

Adam was recently featured on indie director/producer Ron Purtee's acclaimed podcast, The Ron Experience. We speak on everything from Say You’ll Stay, the Rivulets music video campaign, “What is Scary" updates, the ‘Mainstream’ universe, America’s need for Kurt Russell in the White House, Frozen, Grace, our geek origin stories and more.

06.19.12Interviewed on Valor 23/Lost in the 80's

Interviewed by John Ginder about past projects, shooting 35mm, horror, the committment to filmmaking and its impact on your life, and many more topics.

06.03.12SAY YOU'LL STAY featured on The Film Fix in Atlanta

Jonathan Hickman's movie review/interview program features our music video for Say You'll Stay at the close of this week's episode. It aired on television in Atlanta and the surrounding areas and is now online!

05.23.12SAY YOU'LL STAY music video debuts

Adam's music video for John Presnell's single SAY YOU'LL STAY has made its way online. Check it out!

02.11.12Music video: SAY YOU'LL STAY

Adam is currently directing a music video for "Say You'll Stay", a debut single from the upcoming album from singer/songwriter John Presnell. Click the link to learn more about this talented musician and hear several songs..

09.20.11FROZEN documentaries: "Best Extras" nomination, 2011 Reaper Awards

FROZEN's featurettes nominated alongside such DVDs as The Walking Dead, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the ALIEN Anthology for the best DVD/Blu-Ray Special Features of the year at the 2011 Reaper Awards, celebrating the best of horror on home video. Voting can be done at the below link, with the awards presented October 24.

08.30.11"Bereavement" released on DVD/Blu-Ray

The acclaimed prequel to Malevolence is now available everywhere. Adam's First Look/Set Visit featurette is included among the numerous Extras.

08.22.11Interview with Spooky Sean

Genre author/blogger Spooky Sean Thompson conducts an abstract interview with Adam Barnick. More monkeys per paragraph than any previous interview.

06.29.11ART OR SOMETHING LIKE IT episode online

The popular NYC Cable show is now online- Adam's 2006 interview for 'Mainstream' is included with artists Molly Crabapple, Miwa, and Kanene Holder.

06.27.11Barnick vs. the Jeniverse: Interview

Jen Cooper of Morleysaurus conducts my weirdest interview yet on several random topics and occasionally filmmaking.

06.15.11"BEREAVEMENT" DVD/Blu-Ray details announced

Stevan Mena's shocker gets a street date of August 30.. Adam's "On the set" featurette for Icons of Fright will be distributed on the disc as well.

06.14.11THE GASH- Interview with HorrorNews Net's radio show

Dai Green and Nita Burson welcomed me back on their show to talk about DVD extras, remakes, upcoming projects and Vagislaw.

04.02.11Interview with FATALLY YOURS

Sarah Jahier's acclaimed genre website picks Adam's brain about past and future projects and influences, as well as his 5 scariest horror film picks..

03.29.11Morleysaurus posts on all things Barnick

Blogger/Scottish film festival programmer Jen Cooper posts a far-too-kind article on Adam's short film and DVD extras work. Thank you, Jen!

03.18.11Dread Central: Adam Barnick's Top 5 Lesser Known Indie Horror Films

The popular horror site looks at 5 of Barnick's favorite off-the-radar genre films.

03.17.11ARROW IN THE HEAD takes a look at 'What is Scary'

JoBlo.com's evil cousin has a welcome look and some kind words for the upcoming project.

03.04.11BEREAVEMENT in theaters now

Rolling out across the US in limited theatrical release starting March 4. Visit the official site at the link for info, showtimes, and Adam's set-visit video.


Epic interview with Dread Central on "What is Scary?", updating MAINSTREAM to feature-length, OUTSIDE THE BOX, and more...

01.26.11Indie Spotlight- The Blood Sprayer

The popular genre site shines its indie spotlight on Adam's current and future work, with an exclusive clip from the Blu-Ray of FROZEN.

01.12.11FEARNET considers what is 'Scary'

FEARNet's online headquarters takes a welcome look at the upcoming documentary.

12.20.10LAST BLOG ON THE LEFT Podcast Interview with Adam Barnick- pt 2

The podcast's second half gets in depth on the new documentary, what 'scary' means to us, and confronting fears in life and through the horror genre.

12.17.10Horror Movies Canada asks the 'Scary' question!

Preview of the upcoming doc and its content..

12.16.10LAST BLOG ON THE LEFT Podcast Interview: part one

Reuniting a year later, Barnick talks with Bo Ransdell and Jamie Jenkins about FrightFest, Hatchet 2, DVD extras for Frozen and the MPAA.


Adam's EPK for "Aaron Bacon" from 2008 will accompany the film on its DVD release, as part of the short film compilation "Troubled Youth Collection." Street Date is January 25, 2011.

12.09.10FATALLY YOURS looks at 'Scary'

The popular genre site takes a first-look at the project.

12.05.10Blu-News.com asks of 'Scary' things

One of the leading Blu-Ray and DVD sites offers a look at What is Scary?

11.27.10DREAD CENTRAL: Are you ready to find out What is Scary?

The genre giant takes a first look at the upcoming project.

11.26.10Geek Tyrant wants to know What is Scary?

Teaser trailer and info at the pop culture site..

11.24.10"WHAT IS SCARY?" officially announced!

Fangoria has first news on the upcoming experimental documentary in the works.

11.23.10FANGORIA has news on MAINSTREAM and music videos

Adam updates on his plans for new shorts, music videos for Rivulets, and Mainstream, the feature-length adaptation of his award-winning short film.

10.14.10COLLIDER reviews FROZEN's Blu-Ray

'The Blu-ray features are goddamn fantastic. Whatever your opinion of the film itself, the special features will improve it.'

10.13.10EXCLAIM review: FROZEN DVD

'Four top-notch featurettes are included that in many ways outshine the film. Most fascinating, however, is the 53-minute "Beating the Mountain: Surviving Frozen."'

10.13.10GRACE wins Best Indie Disc at the Reaper Awards!

10.12.10Blu-News gets extensive with its look at FROZEN's extras

'"Beating the Mountain" is really one of the best features I have ever seen released for a film. This one is a must see for anyone who wants to get a real look at production of a horror flick. Many features (on this disc) are the quality of those produced for an anniversary release rather than an initial release.'

10.12.10Figures.com DVD review

'Thanks to a solid amount of behind-the-scenes featurettes, the DVD should satisfy your cravings with plenty to spare.'

10.12.10Moxie Movie reviews FROZEN FROZEN!

'I'm really impressed with the DVD extras here. They are extensive and insightful, and there is also almost zero overlap of information throughout the featurettes - which is impressive given the fact that there are 4 featurettes which running time is almost as long as the film itself! That's a rare treat.'

10.11.10The Digital Bits reviews FROZEN

'All of the featurettes increase your admiration for the technical and physical accomplishments of the cast and crew.'

10.11.10DVD File examines FROZEN on Blu-Ray

'Frozen also sports a nice little selection of Bonus Features..They cover all aspects of the production, and are rather insightful to the world of the low budget independent filmmaking.'

10.09.10Slant Magazine looks at FROZEN on DVD

'The commentary and featurettes are detailed and generous.'

10.08.10Frank's Reel Reviews peeks at FROZEN on Blu-Ray

'The Blu-ray is fully loaded with excellent features that explore Adam Green’s style of shooting, his imagination, and his team of knowledgeable filmmakers.'

10.08.10High Def Digest looks at FROZEN

'Four in-depth featurettes: The filmmakers and their behind-the-scenes team did a nice job documenting the film.'

10.06.10Brutal As Hell rates FROZEN the top DVD release of the year

'There have been some fantastic original DVD releases this year; in my book Frozen is the absolute best of the year. This obviously comes highly recommended.'

10.05.10DVD Snapshot review

‘There are no Blu-ray exclusive features, but with an 85-minute long four-part documentary that's almost as good as the film itself, who's complaining? Highly recommended.’

10.04.10JoBlo/Arrow In The Head chills with FROZEN

'The Blu-Ray is chock full of quality material that showcases Green's talent and drive as a filmmaker. The behind the scenes features add up to about an hour and a half, so there's plenty here to enjoy.

Another fascinating feature, "Beating the Mountain: Surviving Frozen" takes you behind the scenes of the grueling shoot and what the cast and crew had to go through. Things like below-zero temps, working with real wolves, the joys of spending all day in a ski life—that kind of stuff. A highly entertaining and informative watch.'

10.04.10Hampton Roads reviews FROZEN's Blu-Ray

“Beating the Mountain: Surviving Frozen" is the longest and most compelling extra. Running an hour, this documentary puts you on the mountain with the cast and crew who had to endure extremely cold temperatures, 75mph winds, trained wolves and dogs and other hardships to get this gem in the can. Frozen" is one of the best Blu-ray packages of the year. Highly recommended.

10.02.10Blu-Ray.com reviews FROZEN

'Frozen thaws out several quality extras.. the making of Frozen wasn't an easy endeavor, and this exhaustive and fascinating piece takes viewers to the shooting locales for a brutally honest look at the challenges of bringing the movie to life.'

10.01.10The Scranton Examiner looks at FROZEN

'I love documentaries that get into the real nitty-gritty of filmmaking, and Frozen's is superb. I turned it on intending to sample a few minutes, and ended up watching the whole thing.'

09.29.10DVDIZZY reviews FROZEN's DVD

A more than satisfactory collection of bonus features; thorough and revealing, explaining why this movie succeeds where others fail.

09.29.10IF Magazine rates FROZEN their top release of the week!

09.28.10The Horror Review checks out FROZEN

'The Blu-Ray disc has some great features...I learned a lot not only about how the film came to be, but a lot of the in and outs of making a film in such a cold and miserable location, how the filmmakers pulled it off, and not to mention how great of a cast and crew worked on this film. The featurettes are both informative and even educational in that we learn the do and don’ts if you ever get into a situation like this.'

09.28.10DREAD CENTRAL warms up to FROZEN's Blu-Ray

'A revealing and entertaining look at an unrelenting production.'

09.27.10Bloody Disgusting chills with FROZEN on Blu-Ray

"The bonus features are practically worth the cost on their own."

09.26.10Horror Movie A Day goes in-depth on FROZEN

'a bonus features collection that puts most big-studio "special editions" to shame..a This isn't some "everyone was great to work with" bullshit fluff piece, this is a real, detailed, comprehensive look at what it takes to make a movie with limited means and in less than ideal circumstances. The type of things that they should show in film schools (not to mention to DVD producers who think their 20 minute "let's cover everything" pieces are real knockouts). Production design, 2nd unit, stunt work, camera rig problem-solving... all of these things are covered in enough detail where you can actually LEARN something from watching them.

The collection (done by Adam Barnick, who also did the way-above-average docs for the Grace disc) is absolutely essential viewing for fans of the film or for would-be filmmakers who aren't sure if they have what it takes to go the extra mile in order to pull off the best possible version of their film.'

09.25.10HITFIX: 'Can you get off a ski lift?' Clip

HITFIX premieres a clip from Frozen's Documentaries: 'Is it really possible to get down from a ski lift?'

09.24.10WHY SO BLU? Looks in-depth at FROZEN's Blu Ray extras!

“The making of Frozen is not for the faint of heart. This is a MUST-SEE for all aspiring filmmakers. There’s great stuff to be learned here…It’s like a college semester in filmmaking all for under $30."

09.21.10Home Media Magazine looks at FROZEN

‘The bonus features are absolutely excellent.’

09.15.10DVD Talk reviews FROZEN Blu-Ray/extras

"There are too many highlights to list; Every last bit of it is worth setting aside the time to watch."

09.14.10New clip from FROZEN extras released on Arrow In The Head!

An opening clip from "Beating the Mountain" shows just how many layers it takes to survive a below-zero shoot.

09.13.10First two minutes of CATCHING FROSTBITE online!

The first of five FROZEN DVD documentaries is featured on Shock Till You Drop's genre website!

09.13.10Big Picture Big Sound reviews FROZEN/Blu-Ray extras

(DVD extras are) "Well done..an engaging experience and left me with a new found respect for Mr. Green and the talented team he assembled here."

09.08.10First clips from FROZEN's documentaries released online

'A freezing cold look at the behind-the-scenes of Frozen'. On DVD September 28!

07.19.10FROZEN DVD/Blu-Ray release and extras announced!

First news on FROZEN's September 28 DVD release and comprehensive extras that will be on BOTH standard and hi-def DVDs.

07.17.10"Bereavement" wins Best Picture, Director

Director Stevan Mena's MALEVOLENCE: BEREAVEMENT world premiered last week at the Long Island International Film Expo, and won Best Picture and Best Director at the Festival's close.

04.18.10First 'review' of FROZEN's DVD extras from Adam Green

Director Green tweeted this message to his followers while watching the extras with his production company partners.

03.29.10Adam Green interview re: the upcoming FROZEN DVD

Bloody-Disgusting speaks to Adam(FROZEN) Green about Hatchet 2, and Frozen's DVD/Blu-Ray extras

02.05.10FROZEN released in US and Canadian theaters today!

Check out local listings for the best-reviewed thriller since Misery; opening in 110 theaters in the US to start!

01.24.10Live at Sundance; Adam Green talks FROZEN, GRACE, and more

Entertainment Insiders' Jonathan Hickman speaks with Adam Green and Rileah Vanderbilt on the red carpet about Frozen, Grace, their first meeting at Hatchet, Hatchet 2, and Adam Barnick's upcoming DVD content for Frozen's Fall DVD release.


Postproduction has begun on the DVD extras/documentaries for FROZEN.

11.01.09New short-form projects: OUTSIDE THE BOX and "Rooted"

Two new short films are in active development...details in 2010.

10.15.09"MAINSTREAM" being reborn as a feature-length film!

The feature-length version of Adam Barnick's acclaimed short horror film MAINSTREAM is officially in active development. Details in 2010!

09.28.09NEW INTERVIEW with Last Blog On The Left

2-part podcast interviewing Adam Barnick and Paul Solet about Grace's DVD release and upcoming projects.

09.26.09DVD Snapshot review of GRACE's DVD

"The special features are easily the best part of the disc and honestly are more than worth the price of purchase by themselves."

09.25.09Inside Pulse Movies reviews GRACE

"a solid Blu Ray Release with fascinating extras."

09.24.09FANGORIA reviews GRACE on Blu-Ray

"An exemplary behind the scenes package..intimate, revealing and highly entertaining.."

09.17.09Shock Till You Drop: GRACE DVD review

09.16.09DVD TALK reviews GRACE Blu-Ray

"The extras on Grace are phenomenal..every last bit is essential viewing."

09.16.09IGN reviews GRACE: Editor's Choice Award-BEST DVD

"A comprehensive set of extras..well worth viewing!"

09.16.09Horror Movie a Day GRACE DVD review

"extras: 9 out of 10"

09.16.09Cinemablend reviews GRACE's DVD

"for a fan of GRACE, the DVD is the epitome of quality. The features are extensive and entertaining"

09.15.09GRACE on DVD and Blu-Ray everywhere today!

09.09.09DREAD CENTRAL DVD review of GRACE

"The extras are absolutely stellar"

09.02.09DVD VERDICT reviews GRACE

"In the extras department, Anchor Bay tricks Grace out as if it were being prepped to be a major release from the Criterion Collection..after watching all of them I felt like I was a member of the crew.."

08.27.09FEARNET reviews GRACE's DVD

"well over an hour of well-produced, insightful, and witty BTS material!"

08.26.09BLU-RAY.COM advance review: GRACE DVD

"A fantastic array of high quality bonus features.."

08.25.09Exclaim.CA Reviews GRACE's Blu Ray

"contains some of the most valuable BTS info for budding filmmakers on any DVD release."

08.16.09New radio interview at HorrorNews.net's station

Paul Solet talks GRACE with the hosts of HorrorNews.net's weekly radio show; Adam Barnick joins halfway through with the first scoops on Grace's DVD content!


Huzzah! More details coming-

08.08.09GRACE Street Teams stalk New York and LA

Heading up a team with antique baby carriages, bottles, and posters/postcards brought a healthy amount of attention to Grace. Click the link for the first pictures from the New York chapter.

07.10.09Shooting new/followup interviews for FROZEN

Adam traveled out to LA again to produce/conduct the remaining video interviews for Adam Green's FROZEN, and its eventual DVD.

Look for FROZEN in theaters Winter 2010!

06.25.09AARON BACON EPK debuts

Click the link to see it. Aaron Bacon had its World Premiere at the Shanghai International Film Festival on June 14.

04.27.09Slashfilm article on GRACE's eventual DVD content

Written and Audio interview with GRACE director Paul Solet on Adam's documentaries for the eventual DVD.

03.19.09BTS Producer on Adam Green's FROZEN

Adam just returned from producing and shooting the Behind the Scenes/DVD material for the upcoming thriller FROZEN in Utah.

03.08.09Adam writing for 'Sweatshop' spinoff comic

Adam is contributing a short story to the upcoming comic book TALES FROM THE SWEATSHOP, to be published when the film is released. Click the link to learn more about Sweatshop.

01.14.09GRACE: Friday premiere and theatrical poster

Grace premieres Friday at midnight in the 25th Annual Sundance Film Festival. See the theatrical poster at the link!

12.04.08GRACE premieres at Sundance

GRACE will have its world premiere as part of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival's "Park City at Midnight" film series.

11.17.08New interview on Terrortube

Heather Wixson interviews Paul Solet, Adam Green and Adam Barnick on their involvement in Grace. First in a three part series.

11.10.08GRACE featurettes underway..

Although GRACE is a ways off(Fall 2009 projected theatrical release), Adam is busy completing the special features for the subsequent DVD.

10.31.08COTTONMOUTH is live on Cottonmouth's web tv channel

Cottonmouth, a short film from award-winning director Christopher Garetano is now live on its internet web channel. Adam worked on the film and helped create several of the featurettes showcased here; click the link to experience it!

10.29.08GWAR interviews and concert!

Adam shot the GWAR concert at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ as well as interviews with the band and their production team for an upcoming episode of the online series America's Bad Kids. Click the link to see it! Live as of today.

10.04.08Behind-the-scenes producer on AARON BACON

Adam was hired to oversee the behind the scenes featurette for Aaron Bacon, director Nick (Over the GW) Gaglia's upcoming film based on the true story. Shooting begins mid-October.

08.17.08GRACE trailer world premiere at FrightFest

Grace's Producer Adam(Hatchet, Spiral) Green will be showing the first trailer the week of August 18 at London's FrightFest. It will also be showing at the Anchor Bay booth this weekend at MonsterMania in Cherry Hill, NJ. Be there and be scared!

07.29.08Teaser trailers for GRACE coming soon

Adam is creating several teaser trailers for GRACE in addition to the behind the scenes material. Look for them to premiere through Anchor Bay at their sponsored horror conventions (Fangoria, HorrorHound, Monstermania) this summer and Fall.

05.20.08Behind-the-Scenes producer on documentaries for Anchor Bay's GRACE

Adam traveled to Regina, Saskatchewan to interview the cast and crew of GRACE, the feature-length version of Paul Solet's award-winning short film.

Also documenting the production's last week of shooting, the making-of material will be part of the DVD release through Anchor Bay Entertainment after its theatrical run in 2009.

04.05.08Stephane Wrembel concert at Joe's Pub, NYC

Main unit camera on the live concert for guitarist Stephane Wrembel, to celebrate the release of his newest CD "Terre des hommes" and kick off his US and overseas tour.

03.20.08Produced/directed faux commercial spots for 'Brutal Massacre'

Adam was hired by Crimson Films to produce and direct two commercial spots for 'Harry Penderecki's LMB Productions', fictional director and star of the upcoming comedy Brutal Massacre.

The faux trailers for his films FISH WHO ATE FLESH and I'LL TAKE THE RING BACK..AND THE FINGER TOO will be part of Anchor Bay Entertainment's viral marketing campaign, as well as kickstarting a contest for fans and filmmakers to create their own trailers for the chance to win $1000 and be featured on an upcoming DVD release.

01.07.08'Malevolence: Bereavement' set visit video online!

In late 2007 Adam directed and edited a set visit/First Look making-of video for Malevolence: Bereavement, the prequel to the acclaimed 2004 horror film starring Michael Biehn(Aliens, Terminator), John Savage(The Deer Hunter), Alexandra Daddario(Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief) and Brett Rickaby(The Crazies).

Produced for Icons of Fright, the video is now online and also been featured on the genre websites Fangoria, Bloody-Disgusting, Shock Till You Drop, Horror Fanatics, Horror-Movies.ca, Dread Central, Upcoming Horror Movies, and Arrow in the Head. Crimson Films (the production company behind the film) now features it on the opening page of their website.